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Nexford University Launches Master of Science in Entrepreneurship

Nexford University

Nexford University

WASHINGTON DC, February 16, 2024 / -- Nexford University proudly announces the launch of its newest program, the Master of Science in Entrepreneurship (MSE). This innovative degree program is meticulously crafted to align with the practical needs of aspiring and current startup founders, offering a hands-on approach tailored for them to actively develop their startups throughout the program.

A Practical Approach to Learning:

The MSE program stands out for its practical and hands-on approach. Unlike traditional higher education programs, founders are not expected to take time off from building their startup; instead, they will build their startup while learning. All the projects within the program are work founders will need to do as they build their startup. This is crucial as founders do not have or want to take time off from building their startup. Nexford has designed this program to significantly increase founders’ chances of success along their entrepreneurial journey.

The fact is, globally, 90% of businesses fail and only 10% of startups survive beyond their initial years. Therefore, their MSE program is designed to equip students with the insights and skills needed to beat the odds. By understanding the common reasons behind startup failures and learning to identify potential threats early on, founders will be better prepared to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Through a series of carefully curated courses such as Ideation, Product Design & Development, Funding for Startup Founders, and Achieving Product-Market Fit, learners will embark on a journey that translates theory into practice. Examples of projects and assignments include crafting compelling pitches, validating their ideas, sizing their target market, and navigating the complexities of legal incorporation and governance structures.

One of the most significant USPs of the MSE program is Nexford's Startup Coalition Program. It's a life-changing opportunity to leverage mentorship and industry connections. This coalition includes leading investors and former successful founders, all dedicated to supporting a founder's journey to success.

Growth, Momentum, Investable - The Three Pillars of Success:

The MSE program is structured around three key pillars: Growth, Momentum, and Investable. Founders will learn how to build the foundations for sustainable growth, reduce time to market, and become investment-ready with compelling pitches and roadmaps for profitability and growth.

From Idea to Investable: A Comprehensive Journey:

The MSE program takes founders on a comprehensive journey from ideation to building a viable business. Through courses such as Ideation, Product Design & Development, Funding for Startup Founders, and Achieving Product-Market Fit, learners will gain practical skills and insights that are directly applicable to their startup ventures.

Join Us on the Entrepreneurial Journey:

The Master of Science in Entrepreneurship program is now accepting applications from motivated individuals ready to embark on their entrepreneurial journey. Whether you're a current startup founder or aspiring to become one, the MSE program at Nexford University is designed to help you turn your ideas into reality.

For more information about the MSE program and admissions requirements, visit

About Nexford University:

Nexford University is a global, online institution offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs in fields such as business administration, data analytics, and entrepreneurship. With a learner-centric approach, Nexford University is committed to providing accessible, affordable, and high-quality education to learners around the world.

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