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ISG Announces Launch of Socrates.AI to Support Next Generation of Claims Management

/EIN News/ -- DANVERS, Mass., May 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Insight Service Group (ISG), a national provider of claim and litigation support services to the insurance and legal communities, today unveiled Socrates.AI, a groundbreaking platform designed to streamline the process of organizing and summarizing extensive medical reports for professionals in the claims, medical and legal fields.

Socrates.AI stands out for its exceptional ability to extract and analyze vast amounts of medical and claims data. This empowers professionals to prioritize critical aspects of claims review, while automating repetitive tasks and manual processes. By curating relevant claims and medical data and providing seamless access, Socrates.AI enhances the efficiency of insurance professionals, reducing the time spent on data reading, reviewing, and analysis by up to 40%.

"The Socrates.AI platform represents ISG's commitment to driving excellence and innovation in claims management,” said Bob Reardon, CEO of ISG. "The launch of this new technology is a pivotal milestone in our journey, offering a transformative platform that streamlines claims management processes, enhances productivity, and delivers unparalleled insights to support our clients."

Socrates-generated reports organize information in a manner that makes it easy for claims professionals to use, with features such as keyword tagging, indexing and event chronology. Rapid analysis of data provides enhanced decision-making support across diverse claims environments, setting a new standard for excellence in the field. The platform's sophisticated capabilities include extracting unstructured data using optical character recognition as well as AI-driven language processing to enable document comprehension in any language.

“We’ve always prioritized listening to our customers and understanding their needs,” stated Reardon. “Now, by harnessing the power of AI, we’re delivering a solution that fulfills our promise to continuously streamline claims processes to help clients achieve better outcomes.”

For more information about Socrates.AI and itstransformative capabilities, click here.

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ISG is a national market leader leveraging a combination of advanced technology and human ingenuity to help customers elevate claim outcomes. With over twenty-five years of industry expertise, our company possesses a deep understanding of the challenges within the market and delivers a comprehensive range of solutions to help reduce unnecessary losses and improve claims cycle times. Our comprehensive range of services encompass medical management, inclusive of IMEs and peer reviews, clinical services, record management and extensive investigation solutions including social intelligence, surveillance, fraud and compliance, and SIU services. All services are delivered under the ISG brand, providing complete transparency to customers in the markets we serve. Discover the ISG difference at

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