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Bot Detection Firm Polygraph Explains Why “Captchas” Will Not Prevent Click Fraud

Captchas occur post-click, so you’ve already been charged for the fraud.

BERLIN, GERMANY, May 22, 2024 / -- Bot detection firm Polygraph is warning advertisers that captchas, such as Google's reCAPTCHA and Intuition Machines' hCaptcha, cannot protect your adverts from click fraud.

“Since captchas kick in after the fake click has already occurred, it doesn't matter if the visitor is a human or a bot, you've already been charged by the ad network,” said Trey Vanes, Polygraph’s head of marketing. “You need to prevent the bots from clicking on your ads if you want to protect your ad budget from click fraud.”

According to Vanes, click fraud bots are programmed to by-pass reCAPTCHA and hCaptcha.

“Most click fraudsters use bot frameworks like Puppeteer Extra, “ said Vanes. “This framework includes a plugin which automatically solves reCAPTCHA and hCaptcha. The scammers only need to use a single line of code and their bots are able to by-pass the internet’s most commonly used captchas”.

Vanes says advertisers need to make campaign adjustments to avoid bots if they want to prevent click fraud.

“The way to stop bot clicks is to ensure they cannot find or click on your ads”, said Vanes. “This means you use search ads with exact match and lots of negative keywords, you turn off display networks and search partners, you ensure your location and audience settings are tight, and you use a click fraud protection service like Polygraph to understand how bots are finding your ads, how much they’re stealing from you, and how to block them clicking on your ads and submitting fake leads.”

Polygraph helps advertisers detect click fraud, prevent click fraud, stop fake leads, and protect ad budgets from scammers.

“Don’t worry if you’re new to preventing click fraud and don’t know where to start, we’ll walk you through everything and ensure you’re protected, “ added Vanes.

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About Polygraph

Established in Berlin, Germany in 2021, Polygraph monitors the activities of click fraud gangs, including how they operate, who they target, the techniques they use, and how to detect their fraud. We go far beyond bot detection to ensure your ad budget is not stolen by cyber-criminals.

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