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Preparing for (Re-)Emerging Arbovirus Infections in Europe

Date: 21-Mar-18 to 23-Mar-18
Location: Bucharest / Romania
Course Objectives The aim of the course is to improve the participant’s knowledge of identification and management of arbovirus (arthropod-borne virus) infections and outbreaks at local and European levels. This course is part of the EU-PREPARE partnership, aimed at strengthening European preparedness for (re-)emerging infectious disease outbreaks. Course topics will include a review of arboviruses of importance to Europe, including endemic and travel-imported viruses. This will include an overview of symptomatology, diagnostics and interpretation of laboratory results and an update on prevention, vaccine and treatments for these viruses. The course will also include an overview of surveillance systems, European organizations, laboratories and clinical networks involved in surveillance, ...

SPE Workshop: Well Integrity in Mature Fields - Challenges and Perspectives

Date: 19-Jun-18 to 20-Jun-18
Location: Bucharest / Romania
The workshop is about sharing knowledge and experience of the use of technologies for well integrity issues over the full life cycle, including fixing sustained casing pressures to rework, re-use or rigless abandonment of wells, and the assessment methods deployed to manage well integrity barriers and their perceived risk. Top Reasons to Attend: * Come and talk about well integrity in the oldest and earliest established oil and gas market in Europe and arguably the world * Romania, an oil-producing country since 1857, is the ideal place to review relevant well integrity strategies for mature oil fields in the digital era * Romania is a world-class example of the oldest oilfield in the world with oldest recorded oil production * Learn from industry leaders about how to ...

8th International Congress of UENPS - Neonatal Perinatal

Date: 03-Oct-18 to 05-Oct-18
Location: Bucharest / Romania
TOPICS RESUSCITATION and STABILIZATION • Intrapartum fetal monitoring • Gestational age and oxygen use in the delivery room • Respiratory care in the delivery room • Monitoring of the preterm neonate in the delivery room PNEUMOLOGY • Respiratory support • Non-invasive ventilation • Volume targeted ventilation HEMODYNAMIC and SEDATION • PDA management • Neonatal hemodynamic monitoring • Hemodynamic treatment of the neonate NEUROLOGY • The developing brain • Oxygenation ORGANIZING COMMITTEE Prof. Silvia Maria Stoicescu (President) Prof. Manuel Sanchez Luna