HackerX - Brussels (Full Stack) Employer Ticket - 9/19

Date: 19-Sep-17 to 19-Sep-17
Location: Brussels / Belgium
Hiring developers is hard. HackerX is an invite-only recruiting event for developers in 50+ cities globally and has a community of over 50,000+ members. We've hand picked and recruited some of the top developers in your city so you don't have to. Meet face-to-face with qualified and screened developers and make your next great hire.

11th Talent Trends Seminar

Date: 18-Oct-17 to 19-Oct-17
Location: Brussels / Belgium
The New Way of Working has established itself by enhancing Autonomy, Accountability, Flexibility, Customised digital technology, Agility,... We're seeing organisations re-designing traditional practices; ditching performance reviews; the rise of innovative start-ups challenging the status-quo, millennials getting older; having to answer questions such as 'does HR have a future?' and obviously the new disruptive technologies turning things upside down. While it's impossible to predict the exact future of technological advancements within HR, we can safely assume that things will become more automated as time goes on. Agile organisations, rather than being reactionary, are able to exploit the benefits of a changing corporate environment. Faced with extraordinary challenges as well as ...

4th “HRcoreACADEMY” conference

Date: 18-Oct-17 to 19-Oct-17
Location: Brussels / Belgium
Over the past decade, we have seen a dramatic shift in the way that companies use their resources to attract, develop and retain top talent. With the increase of disruptive technologies, rapid changes in the global economic landscape and ever-shifting demographics, businesses need not only to win the War for Talent but also to find new ways to create the most value not only from their employees but for them as well. Recent research (Bersin 2017) suggests that in order to maximise productivity and performance, it's necessary to create a culture based on leadership and learning. Only by consistently providing training and development opportunities, while selecting and developing leaders who embody the value of learning, companies are able to respond effectively and efficiently to change ...

Busworld Europe

Date: 20-Oct-17 to 25-Oct-17
Location: Kortrijk / Belgium
An exhibition for Bus and Coach only! Busworld Kortrijk is the biggest B2B bus and coach exhibition in the world and started in 1971 at in Belgium. It is dedicated to buses and coaches only, no other commercial vehicles are allowed, which makes this exhibition one of its kind. Vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers show their latest products and services, six days long, from Friday 20 October till Wednesday 25 October 2017. An exhibition organised by an industry association B.A.A.V., the organiser of Busworld Europe-Kortrijk, is a Flemish industry association of bus and coach operators. Buses and coaches are their natural habitat. This explains the special atmosphere of the Busworld exhibition: mixing BUSiness and pleasure. Exhibitors, visitors and organisers have the same ...

Hot Topic: Obesity & Reproduction - The cradle of epidemic

Date: 09-Nov-17 to 10-Nov-17
Location: Belgium
This two-day event offers an attractive balance between basic science, translational research and clinical practice. Topics such as the merit of obesity interventions during pregnancy will be discussed, and we will hear about new policy regarding pregnancy. We will further delve into the often poorly-understood factors that affect the embryo in obese pregnancy, and find out about the long term consequences of maternal obesity for mother and child. Our international panel of renowned experts will present their current findings on these diverse topics and integrate them to provide a better understanding of obesity and pregnancy altogether.

6th International Fluid Academy Days (IFAD)

Date: 23-Nov-17 to 25-Nov-17
Location: Antwerp / Belgium
After the success of the last edition being fully booked with over 500 participants; we are very excited to present you the Sixth International Fluid Academy Days! A neglected topic for way too long, the interest in fluid therapy seems to be quickly rising as the medical community is making a shift from looking at fluids as a mere method of stabilization towards the appreciation of its relevant side effects. Fluids should be seen as any other drug with indications and contraindications and possible adverse effects. In analogy to antibiotics it is time to consider the 4 D's of fluid therapy (https://journals.viamedica.pl/anaesthesiology_intensivetherapy/article/view/AIT.a2015.0070) Many questions however still remain to be answered. What is the impact of hyperchloremic metabolic acidosis ...

12th EPP Global & European Pricing Forum, 2017 Brussels

Date: 29-Nov-17 to 30-Nov-17
Location: Brussels / Belgium
The EPP team is very proud to announce the 12th yearly EPP Global & European Pricing Forum. This year the forum will focus on the newest thinking, innovative pricing concepts and latest insights from leading pricing and monetization experts across the world. The event will give you the opportunity to learn, interact and network during 2 days of workshops, expert presentations, panel sessions, round-tables discussions and exhibition area. Most industries face the digital revolution. And it’s not only an IT challenge, it’s very much a pricing and monetization challenge. How should you adapt your pricing and revenue model given digital trends? How to adapt pricing to the changing customer journey? How to deal with the multi-channel challenges and become more agile in pricing? ...


Date: 02-May-17 to 01-Dec-17
Location: Antwerp / Belgium
PEFTEC is an International Conference and exhibition for companies involved in Petrochemical testing, oil analysis, quality control, environmental monitoring and pollution measurement in refineries, chemical, petrochemical and processing plants. PEFTEC will take place in Antwerp in the heart of Europe's largest petrochemical hub. The event is supported by ASTM, The Port of Antwerp, CONCAWE, Cefic, Eurolab and Petrochemicals Europe.

SLAS Europe 2018 Annual Conference & Exhibition, Brussels

Date: 27-Jun-18 to 29-Jun-18
Location: Brussels / Belgium
The SLAS Europe 2018 Annual Conference and Exhibition brings together over 1,000 academic and industry scientists and technologists from throughout Europe and beyond. The programme includes three tracks addressing emerging and hot areas in biology, technology and discovery. The event is also a great opportunity to find out about the latest developments in instrumentation, assays and diagnostics. For exhibit and sponsorship inquiries, contact Olivier Dupuy at odupuy@slas.org, +32(0)2 789 23 93."

World Summit on Accessible Tourism Destinations for All, Brussels 2018

Date: 01-Oct-18 to 02-Oct-18
Location: Brussels / Belgium
Key objectives of this year's edition are innovations and best practices for the development of accessible destinations for all. The objectives will be linked to three major aspects of the accessible tourism chain: • BUILD – Availability of accessible infrastructures. • PROMOTE – Knowledge & best practice sharing in the field of inclusive tourism. • WELCOME – Guarantee of quality service for all thanks to specific training programmes. In conjunction with the summit, an exhibition focusing on ‘Accessible Leisure and Holiday’ will be hosted, allowing participants to discover and promote accessible tourist destinations in Europe and the rest of the world.