Conferences on February 24, 2018

DNA and Interacting Proteins as Single Molecules - In Vitro & In Vivo

Date: 21-Feb-18 to 24-Feb-18
Location: Mexico
The advent of single-molecule approaches has revolutionized our understanding of Molecular Biology. Combined advances in light microscopy, microfluidics, atomic force microscopy, and DNA sequencing have opened ways to bypass population averages and study individual molecular events for a variety of cellular processes. This meeting aims to present the most recent advances in the mechanistic understanding of biological processes involving DNA at the single-molecule level, using both in vivo and in vitro approaches. Key Sessions will cover various aspects of: DNA replication DNA recombination DNA repair Transcription Chromosome dynamics Genomics Each session will be divided into in vitro and in vivo sections to highlight differences and complementary information obtained. For ...

The SkinLife Day: a Day Dedicated to Helping You Manage Your Skin Condition

Date: 24-Feb-18 to 24-Feb-18
Location: London / United Kingdom
This is a unique event to help people living with psoriasis and eczema. If you or a loved one are dealing with the effects of these chronic skin conditions, this event is designed to help you learn more about how to manage your symptoms and find products that may help you.  Join us for a day of inspiring talks and workshops by industry-leading skin and wellness experts. Enjoy cookery demonstrations from top nutritionists on anti-inflammatory diets, listen to talks by some of the UK’s best coaches to help you manage stress and flare-ups, and connect with international body confidence campaigners.   Hosted by HelloSkin, the UK’s leading online store for people living with chronic skin conditions, the day will also host a marketplace for you to sample and purchase products to relieve the ...

Power Up Your Business with Podcasting

Date: 24-Feb-18 to 24-Feb-18
Location: Toronto / Canada
A podcast is a set of digital audio files that are available on the internet for downloading. ...Podcasts have become the new talk radio on mobile devices. In fact, the increased usage of mobile phones has led to the explosive growth ofpodcasting.  In this hands-on workshop, you will learn the benefits of podcasting for your business such as; 1. Increased Traffic Generation 2. Helps in Building Better Relationships with the Audience 3. It is East to Create and Launch 4. Podcasts as Highly Engaging 5. Improves Public Speaking Skills 6. Monetise your Podcast   At the end of the workshop, you will come away with your strategic plan on how to launch your new podcast. Investment - Early bird investment: $197 (if registering until Jan 15, 2018) - Regular investment: $297 (if ...

Taking Care Over the Long Haul: Improving Diabetes Management

Date: 24-Feb-18 to 24-Feb-18
Location: Atlanta / United States
CCO is partnering with the American Association of Diabetes Educators and the Healthy Trucking Association of America to host 3 live continuing medical education meetings focusing on long haul truck drivers, a population at high risk for diabetes and adverse diabetes-related health outcomes. The first Saturday morning seminar will be held in Atlanta (Feb 24). This interactive seminar is CME-certified for 3.25 credits, and the target audience includes physicians (particularly DOT-certified physicians), physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. Featuring case-based discussions with expert panelists, the agenda will focus on setting optimal glycemic targets, safely intensifying diabetes treatment, managing comorbid cardiovascular risk factors, and risk assessment. For more information ...

Comedy in Eastern Europe?

Date: 24-Feb-18 to 24-Feb-18
Location: London / United Kingdom
The show will be performed in ENGLISH. Let’s be honest, when you think of Eastern Europe you hardly think of comedy. Then again, when you think of the Middle East you hardly think comedy, when you think of China or Uruguay you hardly think comedy. Did the British people invent comedy? Are Americans the funniest people in the world? In this talk, professional comedians from Eastern Europe will discuss how ‘funny’ works in their countries. From the censorship during dictatorships to the censorship of modern sensitivities, come listen to our stories and find out where we are in the comedy universe.

West London Galleries Free Bus Tour IV

Date: 24-Feb-18 to 24-Feb-18
Location: London / United Kingdom
At 1pm on February 24th, a Double Deck Bus will start a route from the corner of Oxford Gardens and Portobello Road on an: Arts, no booze cruise. This is a free tour of 11 shows hosted by the best galleries of West London to take in the exceptional talent of the area, enjoy the market food, meet artists and enthusiastic folk along the way. With live music and insights on the bus courtesy of 'Portobello Radio' and no charge for a seat, feel free to hop on board at any of five stops for a ride through the land of contemporary Art, culture, counter-culture and community. The bus will return to each gallery stop every 35 minutes, so there'll always be another bus to take you on. Please go to our site for a route map and tour gossip, check featured gallery websites for show information and ...

AstroLans Digital Marketing Track

Date: 16-Feb-18 to 24-Feb-18
Day 1 – Comprehensive Digital Marketing Workshop Friday February 16th, 2018 10:00am-4:00pm This workshop will focus on how to implement a successful online marketing strategy, by learning about every important marketing channel. Understand the advantages of each channel, and how you can use them to achieve your marketing and business goals. Day 2 – Mastering Google Analytics Workshop Saturday February 17th, 2018 10:00am-4:00pm Learn to Master Google Analytics: Track the important KPI’s needed for your business, tell stories with your data, Import Advanced Metrics & Dimensions, Customize Your Reports & Dashboards with the exact data you need, Automate key processes, and get Google certified. Day 3 -Google Analytics Exam Monday February 19th, 2018 6:30pm – 9:30pm, ...

Start Up a Business in 2018 - Ideas for Green thinkers - increase Wellbeing

Date: 24-Feb-18 to 24-Feb-18
Location: United Kingdom
Steps to increase Wellbeing - Want to Start Up a Business in 2018? - Ideas for Green thinkers Welcome  This exciting event in Hammersmith, London is the place to be for all of you wanting to get off to a flying start with RINGANA in the UK. Spend an hour with us - RINGANA- Winner of the 2017 European Business Award - (Chairman's Award) - and learn how & why we are growing annually at over 40-50% and how you can join our successful Green Business and build a potentially properous future. A unique opportunity with an award winning company - with integrity.This is what you can look forward to -  You will learn more about RINGANA’s unique philosophy of absolute freshness, important information on opportunities .....and possibilities for success as a Ringana UK Fresh Partner. We'll ...


Date: 23-Feb-18 to 25-Feb-18
Location: Lucknow / India
After the grand success of North India Solar Summit-2017 -4th Edition, Indian Industries Association decided to Organise “All India Solar Summit-2018”(AISS-2018) at Lucknow. It will be organised at IIA Bhawn Grounds, Vibhuti Khand , Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, India from 23rd Feb. to 25th Feb 2018. The three days exhibition will focus on the areas of PV production technologies, Energy storage systems & technologies , Concentrating solar thermal technologies , Direct Solar Lighting and other latest developments in Solar field. All India Solar Summit-2018 (AISS-2018) will be the most important industry platform for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, service providers and partners of the solar industry. It is the ultimate business destination to meet and interact with hundreds of ...

The 5th International Congress on Cardiac Problems in Pregnancy (CPP 2018)

Date: 22-Feb-18 to 25-Feb-18
Location: Bologna / Italy
The CPP 2018 Congress will provide a unique platform to discuss a wide range of topics related to maternal and fetal pregnancy associated cardiovascular conditions. The goals of “The Fifth International Congress on Cardiac Problems in Pregnancy (CPP) 2018” are to continue advancing the knowledge and expertise of health care professionals around the globe by exchange of information, including unique clinical cases and debates, development of collaborative research both basic and clinical, discuss, adopt and upgrade recent guidelines for the management of cardiovascular conditions during pregnancy and the post partal period. The program will include invited lectures, workshops as well as original oral and poster presentations, clinical cases and debates which will cover a wide spectrum of ...